Alamanda Polymers was formed in 2007 to satisfy a previously unmet need in the marketplace. With more than 15 years experience in the synthesis of polyamino acids, our scientists have developed a...
Our goal is to provide the "best in class" development services to hasten the advance of customer projects and products. We, at Alamanda, are dedicated to offering value-added services to meet your...
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Alamanda Polymers specializes in the manufacturing of well-defined polyamino acids for research laboratories doing work in gene therapy, encapsulation, drug delivery, cell adhesion, and surface coating. Our company provides a wide range of metal-free biopolymers including homopolyamino acids and PEGylated polyamino acids. Due to our characteristic polymerization process, we are the only supplier able to offer effectually exact polyamino acid chain lengths thereby giving researchers new options for use and consistently reproducible results.

Superior by Design: Alamanda's Advantage

GPC of Alamanda's well-defined polyamino acid vs. a competitor's productOur scientists, having more than 15 years experience in the synthesis of polyamino acids, have developed a polymerization process that enables us to have complete control over the molecular weight of our polyamino acids without the use of metal catalysts. Furthermore, not only does the process enable us to achieve effectually exact chain lengths but also highly monomodal products (polydispersity index: 1.01-1.2) and batch-to-batch consistency.

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