Services Offered

Our goal is to provide the "best in class" development services to hasten the advance of customer projects and products. We, at Alamanda, are dedicated to offering value-added services to meet your development needs.

As such, we offer the following services:

  • Materials Modification Manufacturing
  • Our team of scientists can functionalize your polyamino acids in-house in order to provide a "finished product" for your ongoing projects. Should you require end-group functionalization or conjugation, Alamanda recognizes your need for a fully integrated approach to meet research needs.

  • Materials Characterization
  • Alamanda is now also providing materials characterization services. If you have modified polyamino acids purchased through us and need assistance in further characterization, if you have had third parties to modify polyamino acids purchased through us, or even modified/had modified polyamino acids purchased by other sources, we can provide assistance. Furthermore, we can also provide characterization of other polymeric materials.
    Materials characterization services include:

    • NMR
    • GPC coupled to light scattering

Please contact us for additional information.