Gold Nanoflowers (GS-FAuNPs) - 15nm

GS-FAuNPs - 15nm
GS-FAuNPs - 15nm specs

Product Description:

Green synthesized gold nanoparticles - TORSKAL has a propriety process of designing gold nanoparticles using crude and/or purified extracts from plants. This eco-friendly formulation leads to nanoparticles with a high level of reproducibility of size, dispersion, and shape without hazardous reducing agents. Plants extracts have the double action of reducing the metal and stabilizing the formed nanoparticles. Obtained gold nanoparticles are purified by several washes to remove residual products. For highly concentrated formulations, gold nanoparticles remain suspended in solution and can be dispersed in other solvents or buffer even at high salt concentrations without inducing aggregation.

Each batch of gold nanoparticles is characterized using techniques including dynamic light scattering (DLS) and UV-Visible spectroscopy.

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